Run and hide is all I know
Can’t escape these fears, oh no
Will I ever be set free
From this pain deep inside me
No one cares so why should I
Maybe it’s better just to die
‘Cause living isn’t working out
All I have is my doubt

Unwanted, that’s who I am
Unwanted, an outcast man
I heard you were rejected to
Everyone had abandoned you
Like me, your Father turned away
And your friends, when you died that day
You were unwanted.

I went to church the other day
And all the preacher had to say
Is that I have the worst of sin
And he doesn’t know where to begin.
Where do I turn to now
It doesn’t matter anyhow
I’ll never change so why try
I’m living an endless lie.

Repeat Chorus

Please don’t let me hide
Make all my fears subside
My heart longs for something more
My emptiness I can’t ignore
Show me how to end this life
Of emotional strain and strife
I surrender ‘cause I can’t break through
All that I need is you…

Unwanted, but you love me
unwanted, just a memory
Though you died, you rose again
Washing away all my sin
And now you’ll never let me go
I’m with you, eternally so,
I’m not unwanted… I’m not unwanted
…not unwanted…not unwanted. 


How can she love me, knowing what I’ve done

No rhyme or reason, that I would be the one
Her heart I’ve broken, too many times to count
Chances I don’t deserve, questions just seem
to mount

Grace still comes home to me each
and every night
Lays down beside me as I turn out the light
Oh, how I love her but I don’t understand
Grace is amazing to me

She’s a mystery, forgiving my crimes
Why does she do it each and every time
I’ll always love her for the rest of my life
God only knows why, amazing, Grace is my wife

Repeat Chorus

How can she love me, knowing what I’ve done…
Grace is amazing to me

Easy Come, Easy Go

This time will I make it, too often I’ve failed
Can anyone blame, has my ship already sailed
Questions I can’t answer, but one thing’s for sure
Life won’t be easy, even if there’s a cure 

Easy come, easy go
Life doesn’t come easy
Easy it won’t go
Jesus never promised me
Easy come, easy go

Everything inside me, says throw in the towel
Is this really worth it, I don’t even see how
I want what’s best for me, not gonna turn back
May not be easy but I’m not looking back 

Repeat chorus


This time I can make it, though tough it will be
Answers to my questions, I found ‘em down on my knees... 

Repeat chorus 

Jesus never promised me
Easy come, easy go…

If It Wasn't for
the Cross

Let’s not talk about the blood, Noah’s Ark or the flood

Myths and stories they just say, and Jesus isn’t the way
The Bible says we’d all be lost, if wasn’t for the cross


He bled and died that day

He’s the Truth, the Life, the Way
Darkness blinded by the Light
Only He can make us right
We’d be lost without a prayer
If it wasn’t for the cross 

Men get smarter every day, while their morals fly away
We’re more violent than before, so His word we can’t ignore
Where would we be right now, if it wasn’t for the cross

Repeat chorus

Many faiths from which to choose, choose the wrong one and you’ll lose
Choose the One who loves you, that’s who’s gonna get you through
We would never be forgiven, if it wasn’t for the cross

Repeat chorus

I’d be lost without a prayer, if it wasn’t for the cross…

Someone To Love

Just wanna be like everyone, grow old together with someone
But I’m attracted to those, wrong kind of people I suppose
I just want someone to love


God, are you really there, if so do you even care
My heart’s at war inside, these feelings I don’t hide
If I am Mr. Wrong, then God, please don’t take too long
To make me Mr. Right 

Why do you say I am so wrong, when all I feel seems so right
Long I prayed it would go away, waking up again the same way
I just need someone to love

Repeat chorus

Woke up today not feeling blue, man in the mirror’s someone new
How he’s changed is the reason why, no longer needing to try
I just found someone to love

God, yes you’re really there, and yes, God you even care
My heart’s at peace inside, these feelings I don’t hide
So, goodbye to Mr. Wrong, God you didn’t take too long
To make me Mr. Right

God, you didn’t take too long
To make me Mr. Right
I just found someone to love

Don't Know Why

Don’t know why you died for me, don’t know why I’d even try
Can’t go on the pain’s still there, my life’s never been that fair
Someone I trusted hurt me bad, I still hate ‘em and I’m mad
To forgive I cannot do, I guess this means that I am through


On bended knees, I humbly face, the reason why you took my place
I can’t believe that I should gain, eternal pardon in your name
In adoration, my hands raise, forevermore to sing your praise

Don’t know why you’d ask me to, lay down my life how could you
It makes no real sense to me, by doing so I’ll be set free
Your ways are not my ways, but you’re all I have these days
What you ask of me I’ll do, if that’s what will get me through

Repeat Chorus

Don’t know why but I can see, you do want the best for me
Took my pain that wouldn’t leave, my betrayer I now can grieve
In my life I finally found, that you’d always be around
Hard to believe I am whole, loving you with all my soul

Repeat chorus

In adoration my hands raise, forevermore to sing your praise

Dying to Live

People say it’s all about me, but I’ve heard it differently
They say do what feels right, He says walk in the light
I’ve tried it their way so I’m gonna say


I’m dying to live and dying to give
Everything I am, everything I own
I’m lost and alone, still I’m amaze
That I’m dying to live

People say it’s all up to me, but I see it differently
They say don’t ever change, He says die and rearrange
I’ve tried it their way, so I’m gonna say

Repeat chorus


We can’t save ourselves, though try as we may
Choose now whom you’ll serve, for me down I’m gonna lay

Repeat chorus

Dying to live…Dying to live…Dying to live

Reign Down to Cover Me

Lord please set me free, prison opened for me
Chains no longer bind, in you I’ll always find
Truth that sets me free


Lord your everlasting love

Rescues from up above
Come now, most Holy Dove
Reign down to cover me
Reign down, Holy Dove
With your everlasting love
Rescues from up above
Reign down to cover me

Lord please light my way, with you I’ll ever stay
Let your peace rule my heart, my fears now all depart
In my life be glorified

Repeat chorus

Lord you’ve set me free, in you I’ll always be

Abiding in your love, rescued from up above
Praise your name for evermore

Repeat chorus

Reign down to cover me…

The Man I Wanted to Be

Daddy, don’t be mad at me
I needed you so desperately
Not to say I am what they say
But you said it anyway
Standing there in my pain
I was looking up in vain
Whatever it was I lacked
Walked away not looking back

Didn’t know hating you I’d be losing me

I know loving you I could never see
Lord help me to let go, without him I’ll never know
The man I wanted to be

Looking back, now I can see
Beside me was where he’d be
Why do things have to be so tough
I could never be that rough
Fear held me back so long
If only I had been strong
He might have loved me well
I guess I’ll never tell

Repeat chorus

Daddy, if I had only known
Who I’d become when I’m grown
I would have loved you then
Your little boy I would have been

Didn’t know loving you I’d be saving me
I know hating you now’s a memory
Lord I am letting go, with him I’ll always know
The man I wanted to be

Look now embracing me, the man I wanted to be
I’m the man I wanted to be

All Things Possible

Is God’s arm too short to save, remember Elijah in a cave doubting that he’d make it through
What about three Hebrew men or Daniel in a lion’s den, wondering if they were through
Things may get dark and bleak but at these times you must seek, the One who’ll see you through


All things possible if you believe, on One who’ll make way

when you feel you’re going under, never to see another day
His arms outstretched to you, have faith is what you must do
All things possible, if you believe

Is anything too hard for God, Israel in the desert sod doubted the sea would really part
What about Sarah’s barren womb, or Lazarus buried in a tomb, would believe life again could start
All this was written for us, so we’d believe on Jesus, the One who seeks our heart

Repeat chorus

If God who created the earth, made a virgin to give birth, the impossible He’ll do for you

He still turns water to wine, sends manna for us to dine, all this He does to woo
He longs for us to love, all men and Him above, the one who died for you

Repeat chorus

Right Out of the Blue

How low and lonely could I get, if my heart and soul were to bet
They’d roll the dice thinking more, what’s this life really for
Things are looking better today, since you decided that you’d stay
Love is moving in right by me, looks like I’m not the one and only


You were what I needed, and oh how I pleaded

For someone just like you, then right out of the blue
If you’re asking for a gold band, just take me by the hand
I’ll be praying all night long, that our love will grow strong

Repeat chorus


I saw smiling faces, long warm embraces, happiness all around me

But now it’s my turn to smile, everyone once in awhile

Repeat chorus

That’s where I found you
You came, right out of the blue… 

In My Name

I don’t have strength to walk this road, I’m falling under a heavy load
Trials come at every turn, when will I ever learn
What should I do now, show me, please tell me how

Jesus said, whatever you may ask, in my name

Granted unto you, in my name
Strength to do my will, my purpose fulfill, in my name
Demons flee at command, peace will fill the land, in my name

Go forth to all the world you say, baptize those who don’t turn away
Teach them what you command, your Kingdom’s now at hand
I need your healing touch, help me, please tell me much

Second Chorus
Jesus said, whatever you may ask, in my name

Granted unto you, in my name
Authority to do, power given unto you, in my name
Set the captives free, do in mightily, in my name

Repeat second chorus

Jesus said whatever you may ask, granted unto you
In my name…